Large Sunoco Pipeline Oil Spill in Louisiana

4000 Barrels of oil spill cleanup in Caddo Parish, Louisiana courtesy of Sunoco pipeline.   Read more

Port of Los Angeles Fire Is Very Close to Oil Storage Tanks

The Long Beach / Wilmington / Port or Los Angeles Fire Location
This fire has been reported to have been started by a spark from a welding torch from a steel importer.  It has blown up into a massive blaze and has been burning for over 12 hours so far.  Are their any pipelines or gas lines threatened?  There are lots of oil storage tanks in the area.  Here is the full story with video on KTLA

How Much Does Gas Cost Across the U.S.

National Gasoline Prices by County

Heat Map of Oil and Gas Refineries Around the World.

Heat Map of Oil and Gas Refineries Around the World
Search Database for These Locations

Refineries in Spain Are Spread Out Evenly Across The Country

Spanish Refineries Are Spread Out Nicely Through the Country
Unlike The US Where They Are Concentrated In Many Areas

Why Is Oil Seeping From Ground in Wilmington?

Wilmington, California why is the water and oil seeping from ground?  Refinery pipe or pressurized oil drilling nearby in Long Beach

Pipeline Issues in Fremont / Omaha, Nebraska Area

Fremont / Omaha, Nebraska Pipeline Incidents Recently

All Midwest Oil & Gas Pipelines Lead to Houston, Texas

Los Angeles Pipelines Map

Cancer Alley Louisiana Map

Cancer Alley, an eye-watering corridor of more than 150 industrial facilities along the Mississippi River between New Orleans and Baton Rouge that produce a quarter of the nation's petrochemicals. More info. 

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