Los Angeles Pipelines Map

Los Angeles does not have any major oil pipelines running directly through the city. However, there are several oil pipelines that pass through or near Los Angeles County, transporting crude oil from various sources.

The Plains All American Pipeline does operate the Plains Pipeline, Line 63, also known as the Santa Barbara Pipeline. This pipeline runs from the Las Flores Canyon Processing Facility near Los Alamos, Santa Barbara County, to refineries in Kern County and Los Angeles County.

The Line 63 pipeline gained significant attention due to an oil spill that occurred in May 2015. The rupture in the pipeline resulted in the release of approximately 140,000 gallons of crude oil, a portion of which reached the Pacific Ocean near Refugio State Beach in Santa Barbara County. The incident led to environmental damage and prompted concerns about pipeline safety and the potential risks associated with oil transportation.

Following the spill, there were increased calls for stricter regulations, inspections, and improved safety measures for oil pipelines in California. The incident contributed to discussions surrounding the environmental impacts of oil infrastructure and the transition to cleaner energy alternatives.