Huge Oil Refinery Explosion in Venezuela

Venezuela Oil Refinery Explosion & Hospital Evacuation

A hospital in the northeastern state of Anzoategui, Venezuela, has been evacuated following an explosion and a fire that engulfed an oil refinery located nearby, local media have reported. The IVSS Hospital, located near the Guaraguao oil refinery, which is operated by PDVSA (Petroleum of Venezuela), suffered an explosion which led to a huge fire visible from miles around, the El Tiempo newspaper reported.  Read more

Why Did The Torrance Refinery Flaring Cause a Power Outage?

Exxon Mobile Torrance Refinery Power Outage Flaring Fire
A major power outage affected several South Bay cities this morning, including parts of Torrance, where a "flare-off event'' was triggered at a refinery. Areas that lost power Tuesday included Westmont, Hawthorne, Gardena, Torrance, Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach, according to Southern California Edison. The outage, reported before 6 a.m., knocked out power to over 90,000+ customers in the area. The outage led to a flare-off at the Torrance Refining Co., the Torrance Police Department reported.  Hazmat situation reported as well.

The refinery has been plagued by power disruptions in recent weeks that have caused a series of unplanned flaring events.

Looks like they are citing the refinery as the source of the widespread outage this morning.  See NBC article.  Why isn't a refinery prepared to deal with a power outage?

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