How to Play the Oil Refinery Factorio Game?

oil refinery factorio game

In Factorio, oil refining is an important part of the game. 

Oil refineries are used to convert crude oil into various useful products such as petroleum gas, light oil, and heavy oil. To build an oil refinery in Factorio, you will need to follow these steps:

Find an oil deposit: Oil can be found on the map as a black spot. You will need to mine it to obtain crude oil.

Build a pumpjack: A pumpjack is used to extract crude oil from the ground. Build it on top of the oil deposit and connect it to a pipeline.

Build a pipeline: Use underground pipes or regular pipes to transport crude oil from the pumpjack to the oil refinery.

Build an oil refinery: Once you have transported crude oil to a suitable location, you can build an oil refinery. You will need to connect it to the pipeline and provide it with power.

Configure the oil refinery: Oil refineries have different outputs depending on how you configure them. You can use the oil refinery to produce petroleum gas, light oil, heavy oil, or a combination of these.

Manage the byproducts: Oil refineries produce a lot of byproducts, such as sulfuric acid and solid fuel. You will need to find a way to store or dispose of these byproducts.

Expand and optimize: As your production needs grow, you may need to build additional oil refineries or optimize your existing setup to increase efficiency.

Overall, oil refining in Factorio can be a complex and rewarding process. With careful planning and execution, you can turn crude oil into a wide range of useful products to power your factories and fuel your machines.