Large Sunoco Pipeline Oil Spill in Louisiana

Caddo Parish, Louisiana

4000 Barrels of oil spill cleanup in Caddo Parish, Louisiana courtesy of Sunoco pipeline.   Read more

A crude oil spill occurred on Monday in Caddo Parish, releasing approximately 4,000 barrels of oil. The cleanup process is currently underway, and hunters have been advised to steer clear of the affected area for the duration of the cleanup.

According to federal records cited by The Wall Street Journal, this spill ranks among the largest pipeline spills of the year. Sunoco Logistics, the operator of the Mid-Valley Pipeline, has promptly responded to the incident by deploying over 250 personnel to contain and recover the spilled oil. While the oil entered Tete Bayou, it did not reach Caddo Lake. The spill resulted in the evacuation of at least one residence, but it did not impact the local drinking water supply, as confirmed by the Caddo Sheriff's office.

To ensure the safety and effectiveness of the cleanup operation, hunters are requested to avoid the area extending 2000 feet on both sides of the Miller Branch and Tete Bayou. Several agencies, including the Caddo Sheriff's Office, Louisiana State Police, and Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, among others, will be holding a press conference on Saturday at 2 p.m. to provide further information on the incident.