Was Chevron's Burn-off Fire Really "Planned" or Just Media Spin?

The media puppets were all saying on thew news this morning this was a planned burn off.  What a disgrace to our community to even say this without any evidence or knowledge.  This is why I don't watch the news anymore because I can't trust a word they say.   I also love how the media puppets will say anything that Chevron public relations department tells them.

Was Chevron really planning for the 100 foot flame and huge smoke or was the burn-off planned after the fire?   I am curious if they documented this and why not inform the surrounding community?

Here is a news link from the Reuters explaining that it was due to an FCC power outage?  If this was planned why didn't Chevron plan for the outage?  Or is this just more management incompetence cover up?  News Link  Why was this power outage necessary on a Monday morning and why wasn't the community informed ahead of time?

Isn't it peculiar that the Torrance refinery flaring caused a power outage in 2016?   The media PR spin doctors always have an excuse up their sleeves to cover multiple instances of incompetence.